Since we hail from very different areas, many of you know only one of us. Based on the one you know or know best, simply tell us who is more likely...

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Eddy Pauline  
1. Whom do you know best?
2. Who is more likely to quietly hoard knowledge while others suffer in ignorance?
3. Who do you suppose has visited the south Pacific?
4. Who is more likely to tell a "big fish" story?
5. Who has likely lost their boarding pass at the airport?
6. Who is more likely to stop and ask for directions?
7. Who do you suppose has worked in northern BC?
8. Who is more likely to display provincial patriotism?
9. Who has likely tried eye ball soup?
10. Whom would you likely spot eating God's favourite fruit (a tomato of course)?
11. Whom can you count on to be on time?
12. Who has convened with their provincial premier?
13. Whom will you more likely meet at the shopping mall?
14. Who will likely do more cleaning around the house?
15. Who is more likely to take time for leisure activities?
16. Who is more likely to speak in front of a crowd?
17. Who would more likely pass up a cup of Java in favour of a spot o' tea?
18. Who knows which end of the horse to saddle?
19. Who would most likely write a book?
20. Who do you suppose memorizes grocery prices?

Updated June 23, 2006 9:49 PM

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